Why Preserving Urban Forests Is Important For Cities

by Jen on

The non-profit organization, Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests or LEAF, is working tirelessly to make sure that the urban forest is preserved, especially in Ashbridges Estate.

LEAF founder Janet McKay said the trees are under a lot of stress right now, so there’s a need to protect them. LEAF is trying to raise awareness by hosting tours across the city. Over 25 people have already joined the Ashbridges Estate tour.

The estate is a two-centuries old property that protects heritage trees such as the Ashbridges Willow, which stood for almost 100 years. Philip Van Wassenaer, the consulting arborist leading the tour, helped preserve the willow.

LEAF aims to raise awareness on how important it is to preserve these trees, so that they will remain untouched by modernity. McKay highlighted that it’s important to work with the city of Toronto to preserve these trees. However, there is more that needs to be done, especially in terms of financial assistance.

McKay argued that Toronto holds 80 percent of the population, so it’s time for the province to put resources into preserving the urban forests of Toronto. This would benefit all Canadians.

As for the average citizen, they can educate themselves and others about the importance of preserving urban forests. They can also plant native trees instead of cloned saplings in order to help in the campaign.

LEAF can help you with all your tree needs. They can provide information about the trees you can plant in your backyard, as well as the history and importance of native trees.

Written by: Jen