Turning Your Balcony Into A Green Mecca

by Jen on

One of the drawbacks of living in a condominium or high-rise apartment is that you don’t get a garden or any patch of green. The only area you can turn into something akin to a garden is the balcony, and even that has some regulations and rules you must follow.

Check the building rules

You have to check with your building administration if it is allowed to put some structure in your balcony. Make sure that the weight of whatever structure you’re going to put there can be balanced well.

Create a garden from the inside

Maybe your balcony isn’t really a balcony but just a small patch of railing? You can still turn this into a garden that you can view from the comforts of your home. Use river rock, pea gravel, tiny pebbles and synthetic boulders to create shape, height and texture. You can place wood panels on the floor to create an illusion, too.

You can then mask the railings with bamboo, willow or cedar slats. Make sure to use horizontal lines to make the railing look bigger than it really is. Depending on your religion, you can put a Buddha or gnome in the corner.

You can also put a small water fountain to quiet down the noisy streets below. As always, any form of water can make our homes more tranquil and serene.

Color it according to season

Brighten up your space when its summer, and follow the color of autumn during fall. Have a seasonal arrangement in one corner of your little garden, so that the change in seasons can add a boost of color to your garden.

For summer, you can put some bright-colored flowers. When it’s shady, use ivy, coleus, ferns and many other types of houseplants. For fall, the interest should be in tall grasses or pots of asters. In winter, you can use pine boughs, sumac, curly willow and dogwood stems.

Add canopies and pergolas

If your space is large enough, you may want to put a canopy in your balcony to protect you from sun exposure. You can also allow vines to climb on the pergola, so that it will go with the flow of the balcony’s theme.

Written by: Jen