Five Ways To Inspire Your Creativity

by Jen on

Creativity can be pretty daunting because we sometimes think it’s just for “artistic” and “gifted” people. But what we don’t know is that creativity is neither a specific skill or talent, but rather a presence of mind and an openness of spirit.

There are different ways to open up your creativity such as exercising, doing yoga, or just by being alone. But for those who don’t have an exact method to boost that creative spirit, here are five ways to do so.

Keep a journal

Keep a daily journal and write down your inspirations and ideas. Don’t put your to-do lists and reminders here. Keep the journal for your ideas, whether these ideas are bound for something concrete or not.

Activate your brain

Exercise is not only good for your bodies, but also for your minds. Doing yoga and meditating do not only keep our bodies fit, but they also bring peace to our spirits. You can do yoga, stretching or other forms of exercises. If you don’t like cardio exercises, you can do simple things such as meditating.

Listen to music

Music has a positive effect on our brain. Try to listen to your favorite tunes because these will activate memories in your mind, which will then allow you to touch base to your happy thoughts.

Go outdoors

You may not have enough time to go for a vacation, but make sure to spend some staycation outside of your home or your usual work place. Even by simply going outside will help boost your inspiration and creativity. Surround yourself with beautiful environment.


Even creativity requires practice. If you want to paint, sculpt or even dance, you should be passionate enough for it to practice it regularly. The key to finding success in whatever activity you choose is to stick with it.

Written by: Jen