Best Tips for Home Painting in Winnipeg

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Changing the interior design of a home is one of many ways to immediately improve its appearance. Interior design is largely dependent on painting the home and accessorising it in the right colours. Beautiful colours in a home can evoke a pleasant, comfortable mood that is noticeable not only to those who live there, but also to visitors. For the best results, attention must also be paid to the quality of the paint used in Winnipeg painting renovations as recommends.

Five Ways To Inspire Your Creativity

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Creativity can be pretty daunting because we sometimes think it’s just for “artistic” and “gifted” people. But what we don’t know is that creativity is neither a specific skill or talent, but rather a presence of mind and an openness of spirit.

There are different ways to open up your creativity such as exercising, doing yoga, or just by being alone. But for those who don’t have an exact method to boost that creative spirit, here are five ways to do so.

Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi has invented an earthquake bed where a special sensor detects seismic shaking and thereby, forces the bed to spring into action to protect you.

Any seismic shaking would open up the base of the bed to drop you down a steel-reinforced chamber while the two metal pieces slum shut. The sleeper would then be inside a small ala-panic room space.

Easy DIY Water Feature For Your Garden

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So you want a water feature for your garden but you don’t have the money and the time to do so? Well, this little DIY will cost only $30 and it’s very easy to make too. All you need are: fountain pump (preferably, a solar-powered one), a water-tight plastic storage container such as those made by Rubbermaid, some flat concrete pavers, rocks of various sizes, both small and large, and a plant (such as water grass) that will thrive in water.

What To Choose: Green City Versus Grey City

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There is no other city in the world that can highlight the difference and the diversification of a green city and a grey city that New York. The city is basically an urban jungle in general with patches of green space among the concrete landscape.

The photo above, captured by Kathleen Dolmatch, perfectly captures the division between Upper East Side and Central Park. As an observer, we’re torn between what to love more—the aesthetically beautiful buildings of the rich and famous or the serenity of Central Park.

The non-profit organization, Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests or LEAF, is working tirelessly to make sure that the urban forest is preserved, especially in Ashbridges Estate.

LEAF founder Janet McKay said the trees are under a lot of stress right now, so there’s a need to protect them. LEAF is trying to raise awareness by hosting tours across the city. Over 25 people have already joined the Ashbridges Estate tour.

Five Wisdoms of Garden Design

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Garden design is excessively influenced by the traditions and cultures of the east. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Western world or in the Asian region, you know that when it comes to gardens, you have to look at the Japanese garden designs and the Chinese Feng Shui.

Then, there is also the principle of the Five Wisdoms of the Tibetan Buddhism. Basically, it wants to harmonize our understanding of one’s relationships to life. The Five Wisdoms are Passion, Richness, Activity, Clarity and Spaciousness.

Turning Your Balcony Into A Green Mecca

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One of the drawbacks of living in a condominium or high-rise apartment is that you don’t get a garden or any patch of green. The only area you can turn into something akin to a garden is the balcony, and even that has some regulations and rules you must follow.

Check the building rules

You have to check with your building administration if it is allowed to put some structure in your balcony. Make sure that the weight of whatever structure you’re going to put there can be balanced well.

Sad State of a House for Sale

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Buying a house is super tricky, and not to mention expensive. You have to put the right amount of resources in researching and knowing all the nitty-gritty about the place you’re planning to put your investment into.

There sure are a lot of risks in terms of buying a house. After all, it may look nice on the outside, but is seriously derelict in the inside. Do not ever trust the words of a real estate agent as he/she may only be out for the profit.

Get The Jump On Spring Event

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What better way is there to reward the horticultural community than with live plant displays, free gardening advice, talks, demonstrations and floral design competition? You also get to have lunch in the Jump Café and go through specialty vendors, artisans, and the Garden Shop.

The event is happening on February 20, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free admission and free parking, although a $2 donation will be appreciated. Those who will donate get to enter the Free Draws, where one lucky winner will be picked every hour.